A little re-organising

Wow, this blog has grown like Topsy….

I’m starting to find it a little difficult to keep track of everthing, so I’ve now added a Recipe Index to the top Menu (which I think will get automatically updated) and also subdivided my Recipes into categories of Soups, Starters, Salads, Vegetarian, Fish, Meat & Poultry, Desserts and Baking. You can find those under the top Recipe menu and also by selecting from the Category drop down over on the right column. 

I am somewhat surprised to see that I have added more desserts here than anything else – think that is a reflection of my amazement at being able to do them while counting calories! And there are several that I haven’t included yet…

Mojito Cheesecake Fruity TiramisuPlum Kulfi





Above: Mojito CheesEcake, Fruity low cal Tiramisu, light Plum Kulfi

I now realise I shouldn’t have combined multiple recipes in one post really, so will split those up if I get a moment. Also, my early recipes didn’t use the recipe cards, which are so nice and easy to save or print out. The sort of job I could do if I find myself stuck inside the caravan on a wet day…. 

Anyway, all I can say really is that this way of eating really works! I have now lost 10cms from my waist, which has taken me from the red zone on my Heart Matters tape measure, through the pink and to the white zone. I still need to lose another 5 cms to make my height:waist ratio match a healthy 2:1, but I have the confidence to believe I can achieve that. I am now wearing clothes that had been relegated to the back of the wardrobe, including trousers that I used to wear to work before 2000 and jeans that I wore on our honeymoon in 1996…. So I have lost all my living in France weight and all my post-menopause weight and am now working on my giving up smoking weight… 🙂

I hope you too feel encouraged to keep to this way of life!

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