Creamy Turkey, Green Pepper and Jalapeno Tacos

As we were considering what to do with our turkey leftovers, we took a mental world tour, thinking about some of our favourite foods. I haven’t got round to these, but maybe next year….

  • Pastilla – mmm those Moroccan spices and a crispy filo pastry
  • Danish Open Sandwich on rye bread with cranberry sauce, crispy fried onions and pickles
  • Spanish Croquetas, as delectable tapas… a good one for me to try in the air fryer
  • Italian Pasta Carbonara, using leftover ham too
  • Indian Curry, and then Samosas with the leftovers of that….
  • Cajun style Jambalaya
  • American Meatloaf
  • Lebanese Salad
  • Spicy Greek Turkey Pie

Oh, I am so ready to start all over!

But for now, there is just enough left for our Hot and Sour Thai style Soup tonight.

Last night, we ticked off the Mexican influence and I made a creamy green pepper, jalapeño and turkey filling for us to have with tacos (and the leftover rice from the Thai Green Turkey Curry). Of course it would work just as well with cooked chicken.

I had lots of cream left and most of a green pepper, to which I added a chopped dried chilli, some of my home made quick pickled jalapeño rings, a small onion and some garlic. I chopped up about 100g of light and dark turkey meat. Once the vegetables were softened in some olive oil, I added the turkey to heat through, then the cream, and sprinkled with chopped parsley and lime zest.

I usually have some tacos in the store cupboard, they are a favourite standby for using up leftover chilli con carne.

Accompaniments are shredded lettuce, finely chopped red onion, guacamole (a good way to use the slightly less than perfect avocado from the bottom of the fridge, together with some coriander leaf, garlic and lime juice), some cream soured with lime juice and some grated Red Leicester (which I keep in the freezer and grate as needed).

Served with the leftover rice from the night before, reheated with a bit more water.

The tacos only take a couple of minutes to heat through in the oven. I would probably load it up higher than this, but I was worried about it falling over before I took the photo! Two of these are enough for me.

Thai Green Curry Turkey

It finally got to be time to deal with the turkey carcass and remove all the remaining meat. I was amazed at how much was still left, enough for several meals still! The carcass itself was made into stock, which provided the basis for a fantastic Turkey and Leek Risotto (with loads of Parmesan crisps). The rest of the stock will be used for a Hot and Sour Thai style soup on our first 5:2 fast day of 2021. Thinking about Thai flavours made me realise that I had an interesting set of ingredients for a Green Curry. I grew my own bean shoots, starting them a few days before Christmas, and then storing them in a box in the fridge once they had got to a decent size (best rinsed every day). I also have some lovely fresh coriander growing in pots in the polytunnel, it does really well over winter. Plus some beautiful young pak choi leaves, again, growing in pots (I do have some in the garden, but they were a magnet for wildlife of all sorts, so they are now recovering under a cloche…). Lime leaves from the freezer, green beans from the freezer, coconut milk and Thai Green curry paste from the store cupboard, and green pepper, celery and mushrooms from the bottom of the fridge. A quick and easy meal. Served with steamed brown rice, some chilli dipping sauce, and a ready made Spring Roll, plus a few prawn crackers on the side. Almost as good as going out to a restaurant!

This would work equally well with tofu, or other meat or fish (cooked or raw). Use spinach or broccoli instead of the pan choi, etc. I find the combination of coconut and green curry paste is an accommodating basis for lots of different interpretations, which is why I always have some in the cupboard. I happened to have some from the UK, but actually can get it in my local supermarket now, under the Ayam brand.