Wishing you a Happy New Year

It is nearly our 3rd anniversary of starting the 5:2 lifestyle and I shall be continuing to have 2 days a week of only 500 calories.

I’m planning on sharing a lot more content over the next month as I know that there will be lots of you wanting to start 2016 by taking control of your diet. So to start with, I am looking at a simple way of sharing ideas for fast day menus. 

Here is an example of my new plan.

Fast Day Menu with Breakfast and Dinner
Smoked Trout and Scrambled Egg
Smoked Trout with (1 or 2) Scrambled Eggs (140 or 215 kcals)
Simple Vegetable SoupRump SteakCherry Compote
Simple Vegetable Soup (70)100g or 120g Steak (125/150) with Watercress and Orange Salad (40), Light Cole Slaw (30), Garlic Mushrooms (15)Fromage Blanc with Spiced Cherry Compote (55)
Total Calories for the day 475 / 575

As it happens, my own intention for 2016 is to move towards a more planet- and body- friendly diet, which means more vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, fruit and legumes and less meat and fish. So this particular example, from way back in 2013, may not be something I will repeat – but if you have a meat lover in your family, it just goes to show that you can offer not only breakfast, but also a 3 course dinner including steak and sides, with less than 500 calories (or 600 with slightly larger portions for a man). 

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