Another January Meal Plan

Chinese Pancakes with Pulled Pork Cinnamon and Citrus Pineapple Chicken, Chorizo and Butter Bean Cabbage with Green Pepper and Caraway Turkey Chilli IMG_3129

I am relying on my meal plan a lot, though I do tend to change things around a bit. You will see that I try and plan how to use my leftovers, and will often cook more than I need, so that there will be some fruit to have with yogurt for breakfast, or some meat to add flavour and texture to a vegetable stir fry.

Of course I am also swayed by family requests, so for instance, the idea of not doing pizza on a Saturday, goes down like a lead balloon… and I really don’t mind as I enjoy it and it is easy to make 2 and have one in the freezer for the following week.

I’ve actually gone off plan from last week and am cooking Pulled Pork today. Tonight we will have it in Chinese style pancakes, with hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion. It is if you like, my version of a fake-away. I could do it with duck, but the pork was such a bargain and I know we will get at least 3 meals from it. 

I’ve bought a fresh pineapple as a treat though, and look forward to trying out some new ideas with it. One suggestion that I put on my Seasonal Pinterest board, is a Pineapple and Chilli Upside Down Cake. I’m thinking of working that as individual portions and significantly calorie reducing it by cutting out most of the sugar, plus adding in some more fibre, perhaps with some oat bran. I’ll let you know if it works out!

SundayBacon, Egg, Tomato, Baked BeansLeftover Pizza with Mixed Salad.
Fresh Fruit
Pulled Pork, Winter Slaw, *Pumpkin and Celeriac Galettes, Green Beans, BBQ Sauce
*Cinnamon Citrus Pineapple
MondayFAST DAY-*Caribbean Butternut Soup
Buckwheat Burger, Vegetable Stir Fry
Yogurt with Apple and Cinnamon
TuesdayYogurt with Apple and CinnamonSmoked Mackerel and Avocado Salad
Fresh Fruit
Sweet and Sour Pork and Pineapple Chow Mein (using leftover pork)
#Figs baked with Creme Fraiche
WednesdayYogurt with FigsCauliflower Cheese Soup
Fresh Fruit
*Guacamole and Taco Chips
*Red Bean and Chocolate Chilli
Apple and Blackberry Dessert
ThursdayFAST DAY-#Blackened Mahi Mahi Caesar Salad
*Frozen Banana "Ice Cream" with Toasted Coconut
FridayWholewheat Toast with Almond ButterHam, Egg and Oven Baked Potato ChipsQuinoa Spaghetti with Amazing Arabiatta Sauce
*Cherry Choc Chip Gelato
SaturdayBoiled Egg and Wholewheat Toast*Home Made Pizza and Salad.
Fresh Fruit.
*Spanish style Chicken, Chorizo and Butter Bean, *Cabbage, Green Pepper and Raisin Salad, Carrot and Cumin Salad
Raspberry Ice Cream Cake
* indicates recipes that are in 5:2 Healthy Eating for Life
# recipes are in Focus on Flavour

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