Consider what you eat, not just how much….

I actually think that what you eat is really far more important than how much, so if anyone wants some guidelines on what to eat on non fast days, to encourage healthy weight loss and not worry about calories, here are my 10 top tips:-

1. Eat mainly plants and eat all parts of plants – roots, stems, leaves, fruit, nuts and seeds
2. Eat reasonable amounts of protein (no more than 0.8g per kilo of body weight per day), from organic sources as far as possible
3. Keep carbs to low GI or low GL
4. Avoid added sugar (but fruit is ok)
5. Minimise consumption of refined foods, like white flour, white rice, white pasta and use whole grains instead
6. Minimise consumption of processed and packaged foods
7. Avoid all diet, light and low fat foods
8. Eat good fats, avoiding trans and hydrogenated fats
9. Eat some raw food every day
10. Have an occasional day when anything goes!

It’s pretty easy at this time of year for us, when the garden is the source of most of our meals, but eating seasonally and from local sources where possible, is a great way of keeping costs down and avoiding food miles.

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