A bowl of cherries…..becomes Cherry and Choc Chip Gelato

Fantastic crop of cherries this year, after 2 years of none.


With the yellow and red cherries, I have made

  • Cherry, Vanilla and Lavender Jam
  • Cherry Pie Filling
  • Cherry and Cinnamon Samosas

and have about 10kg of frozen, stoned fruit to do something else with later.

Now the luscious dark red cherries are ripening. We have eaten handfuls of them just as they are, dripping with juice and with a lovely mix of sharpness and sweetness. Every day of sunshine sees them getting darker and sweeter.

This evening I picked some especially for making my version of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia – fabulous flavour and not too bad on the calories (well I hope not, it IS a fast day…)

I suppose strictly this can’t be called Ice Cream, as it is made with Fromage Frais, not Cream. I decided on Gelato, as this has a softer texture, and is lower fat. Yummy.

Please note this recipe contains raw egg.

The calorie count is incorrect in the Recipe Card. On MyFitnessPal it came out to nearly 200 calories a serving! oops. If I can figure out what it doesn’t like, I’ll correct it.

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2 thoughts on “A bowl of cherries…..becomes Cherry and Choc Chip Gelato

  1. Yummy. Have you experimented with any sugar substitutes such as sucralose or stevia? Not for the calorie concern but more for insulin regulation. Obviously nothing beats good old natural sugar for taste but there might be reasonable compromises out there.

    • Laurie, thanks for your comment! Good to hear from you. There was a time when I used to use sugar substitutes, but I have come out the other side of that and now generally prefer to use real sugar, in smaller amounts than most recipes call for. I don’t think it would compromise the recipe if you used some or all of a bulky sweetener, like Splenda. xx B