Summer Meal Plan for 5:2

The forecast is for it to be hot and sunny all this coming week, so looking to do lots of fresh salads, cooking on the BBQ, chilled desserts and making the most of summer vegetables and fruit.

Ok, off to the shops now, armed with my meal plan. I’ll see how close I can get!


thin crust wholewheat pizza with salad
fresh melon and berries

melon with cucumber, goats cheese and sundried tomatoes
BBQ salmon skewers with chargrilled courgettes and new potatoes
cherry and choc chip gelato with cherry cinnamon coulis


salad niçoise (tuna, anchovies, olives, tomatoes, egg) with sauté potatoes
melon and blueberries

lamb and apricot tagine with minted cous-cous
creme catalan au lavande

Monday – Fast Day

Fresh green salad with nuts and seeds
Griddled sardines with tomato and red onion salad
Peach and raspberry sundae (frozen fromage frais)


Salad with charcuterie, toasted walnuts and roquefort

bean and coriander dip with taco chips
griddled chicken and peppers in a tortilla wrap (fajitas)
frozen lime and coconut dessert


piedmont stuffed peppers with puy lentil salad
frozen banana ‘ice cream’

chicken skewers with satay sauce and pickled cucumber, with pilau rice
baked stuffed peaches

Thursday –  fast day

summer minestrone
crustless courgette quiche with green beans almandine and cole slaw
fresh fruit salad with fromage blanc


leftover crustless quiche with salads
peaches with blue cheese and crackers

steak haché with sauce au poivre, french fries and mixed salad
apricot frangipani tart with creme fraiche

One thought on “Summer Meal Plan for 5:2

  1. Looks like a lovely week of food. Just happened to come across your blog from the 52 diet forum and I love it. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the recipe for the crustless quiche, how are you going to do that and keep it 5:2…?

    I have recently started a blog challenge that relates directly to 5:2 and low cal recipes called Feasting While Fasting. The theme for July is cheese and if you have an recipes that you think qualify, please do submit them. I’m hoping that as it builds up it will become a useful resource for people on the diet.

    Information is here:

    Past post submissions are welcome.

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