5:2 Meal Plan Feb 2 – 9

Amazing, this is our 4th week of doing the 5:2 diet and we are both feeling good and looking better!

Here’s my plan for the week, almost completed (my plans run Saturday – Friday). I won’t include breakfast except on Fast Days. My brekkie is usually either a slice of home-made wholewheat toast with marmite (or peanut butter for a treat) or porridge, or occasionally half a grapefruit.

We are trying to switch to having our main meal in the middle of the day and a lighter supper – except of course for fast days when we aren’t having lunch at all!

  • Sat lunch: home made thin crust pizza with parma ham, sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, green salad. satsuma
  • Sat supper, with friends: guacamole with taco chips. super healthy salmon burgers with rice (based on BBC Good Food recipe), pickled carrot ribbons and steamed broccoli. crepes with lemon and sugar (Candelmas Day treat)
  • Sun lunch: Orange baked chicken with pumpkin, parsnips & peppers. baked pear with amaretti
  • Sun supper: Moroccan spiced cauliflower and almond soup (BBC Good Food). leftover pizza and salad. fruit salad with fromage blanc
  • Mon breakfast: ham and poached egg
  • Mon supper: Vegetable soup. Baked cod with steamed vegetables. Fruit salad with fromage blanc
  • Tue lunch: leftover baked chicken and vegetables. Cherry compote (no sugar) and fromage blanc
  • Tue supper: Grilled halloumi. Rice and beans with tuna. Cherry compote with fromage blanc and crumbled amaretti
  • Wed lunch: Coronation chicken (mayo mixed with yogurt) with avocado salad. half a pear and a satsuma
  • Wed supper: Lentil and coconut curry with cauliflower (based on BBC Good Food), naan bread. spiced pineapple with cinnamon fromage frais (based on BBC Good Food, but much less honey)
  • Thus breakfast: porridge with blackberries
  • Thurs dinner: vegetable sop. smoked haddock with poached egg and spinach. satsuma
  • Fri lunch: Mexican meatballs with wild and basmati rice mix, avocado salad. cheddar cheese. satsuma
  • Fri supper: Chorizo and rocket spaghetti. spiced pineapple with fromage frais

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